International (Devotee) Video Upload Protocol
1、 Preface
1.1. (Devotee) The video website and client software are developed by (Devotee) Video Network (users must comply with the following upload protocol)
1.2. The user agrees to the terms of this agreement and completes the video upload process according to the prompts on the page. When a user uploads a video, they agree to the video upload agreement, which means they have reached an agreement with the international Devotee video network and fully accept all terms and conditions under this agreement. Minors should be accompanied and approved by their guardians to carry out the above operations
1.3. After you accept this agreement, the text of this agreement may be revised due to changes in national policies, laws, products, technology, services, and the performance environment of this agreement. If you have any objections to the revised agreement, please immediately stop logging in or using this website or the software and services. Your continued logging in or using will be deemed as recognition and acceptance of the revised agreement
2、 When using video upload services legally, users must comply with relevant local laws and regulations. Users agree not to use this service for any illegal or improper activities, including but not limited to uploading video content containing one of the following contents:
2.1. Prohibit uploading pornographic, bloody, violent, gambling, and terrorist videos
2.2. Prohibit uploading videos that endanger national security, promote cults, and discriminate against ethnic groups
2.3. It is prohibited to upload content unrelated to people with disabilities, and only videos and images related to people with disabilities are allowed to be uploaded
2.4. It is prohibited to use titles with pornographic content, such as seduction, fullness, and those that affect the national image
2.5. Prohibit uploading duplicate videos to avoid wasting platform resources
3、 Video management and measures: The Devotee video platform has the right to monitor users' uploaded content in real-time. If any of the following situations occur, the (Devotee) video platform has the right to delete your work at any time:
3.1. Your work violates laws, regulations, and relevant policies, as well as the requirements of judicial and national administrative agencies
3.2. Your work violates the management standards of the Devotee video platform, including but not limited to user usage protocols.
3.3. Except for the situations mentioned in the preceding paragraph, the (Devotee) video platform reserves the right to delete content, cancel accounts, and temporarily or permanently prohibit the publication of information on this website based on the actual situation. At the same time, we reserve the right to pursue the legal responsibility of the parties involved in accordance with the law.
3.4. The author sells videos, and the platform has the right to receive corresponding benefits and shares. As the platform adjusts the shares periodically, users must comply with the platform's rules
3.5. The videos posted by the author cannot be deleted or modified at will. If deletion is necessary, corresponding losses will be borne
3.6. If the author repeatedly violates platform regulations, we have the right to disable the account, impose balance penalties, and take all measures to clear the account
3.7. Minor platforms that violate the above regulations will be warned and punished accordingly, while severe platforms will be banned and their balances cleared. Platforms that violate the law will cooperate with relevant departments to pursue responsibility


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Maid Xiaoli Cleaning Up Room - High Heel Sprain (High Quality Original)
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Xiao Li's High Heel Has Multiple Sprains (High Quality Original)
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Little Wild Goose - Etiquette Girl Wears High Heels And Weeps Seriously (High Quality Original)
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The Little Goose Twisted Its Meaty Feet (high-quality Original)
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Xiao Li Tried High Heels And Suffered Multiple Severe Sprains, Causing Pain And Crying In Her Feet (high-quality Original)
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Xiaoqi Dances With Abdominal Pain And Can't Stop Groaning (High Quality Original)
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Xiao Li's Black Silk High Heel Sprain And Severe Foot Pain (High Quality Original)
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Xiaoli High Heels Sprain Foot (High Quality Original)
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Xiaoli's Bathroom Makeup Twisted Her Foot ➕ Ice Water Soaked Feet (high-quality Original)
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Xiaoyan Injured Her Foot By Being Hit By A Book (high-quality Original)
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Xiaoqi Suffers A Serious Sprain From Stepping On Air (high-quality Original)
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Xiaoqi's Office Foot Injury (High Quality Original)
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Little Wild Goose Dormitory Seriously Sprains White Sock Feet ➕ Painful Bandaging (high-quality Original)
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Intern Xiaoyan's Foot Injury Recurres, Painful Rubbing Of Feet (High Quality Original)
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Little Wild Goose With High Heels, Shredded Pork Feet, Kneading Feet (High Quality Original)
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